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I strive to make
your day everything
it can be.

"I don't think Anne and I can say thank you enough. You performed the most wonderful ceremony for us. I know we only just met, but you will forever I our hearts because you were a part of our special which you made so wonderful. After the ceremony everyone was commenting on how fabulous you were. I am not sure how to put it all into words, but if you were here now, I would give you another big hug and raise a glass of bubbly to you!"

Kellie & Anne

"Thank you soooo much for your kind presence and comfortable manner with Richard and I last week at our marriage. We got to the Wicked Oyster and they were closed on Wednesdays ! It was okay... we had a more important celebration by going to an Irish folk-rock band on Saturday in Providence Rhode island where we delighted in their music... the first two songs were about weddings and third song about "Finnegan" someone... we thought they were singing directly to us and our little interests. Hope you continue to enjoy the anticipation of your Lagota!"

Theresa, Richard & Finn

“Tony and I thank you so much for organizing our nuptials. You made it very special for us and we’ll never forget it. The monument pic from June 25 is below, plus Anna, and the fox running around our street that decided to take a nap in a yard on Tremont. Was a glorious trip and thank you for being part of it.”

Jon & Tony

"Being back to reality after such a beautiful, magical weekend was very very tough!! Thank you so much for making our ceremony so perfect and memorable. You looked beautiful yourself and your service was so heartfelt. Your presentation and comments were so endearing. Thanks also for staying around and celebrating with us it meant a lot. All our guests are still calling us and reminiscing about the day/weekend!!! Best wishes for a great holiday and new year to you and your family. We were serious about a visit anytime to Plum Island with Anna...….
she would love to run on our beach!"

Mic & Judy

"Thanks so much for being a part of our day! You exceeded all of our expectations."

Shannon & Jamie

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