Thank you for visiting my website. For your planning information,
following are the dates that I will be away in 2015. January 7 - 14, February 14-20, March 2-6, April 1-7, June 27-30 and October 9-12.

By working together, we create your wedding for you.
Using the short bio that you provide, we begin to mold your experience. You may use my prepared vows, or maybe you wish to create your own. If you would like a reading, I provide several of my favorites that you may choose from, or again you may find your own. Music may also be included.
We can begin with my ceremony, then you can either choose to keep this as is, or we can work together to customize the ceremony, or you can make your own changes, additions, choose your own readings.

My venue is preferably on the Lower Cape at a place of your choosing. My weddings have been performed on a number of beautiful Cape Cod beaches, lighthouses, country inns, your home or wedding location, and at my home in Wellfleet. I do and will travel to other parts of Cape Cod if my schedule allows.

I welcome everyone and happily perform same sex weddings with joy and dignity.

After we have confirmed, I also have a list of wedding resources to offer of people that I've worked with and would not hesitate to refer.


The fees are set by the state - $100.00 if performed in my hometown of Wellfleet, $150.00 if in any other town or city in Massachusetts. There is an extra fee for a rehearsal. If a meeting beforehand is requested and involves travel, there is also a fee. Pro-bono is possible if you fit the criteria for serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Planning your Special Day?

A lovely civil ceremony is my basis for creating a wedding that you can make uniquely yours.